Great news – Kidspace Croydon is launching a new Annual Pass for just £39 per year (no that’s not a typo, it really is just £39!)

Our new Sometimes Pass gives you all the same benefits as an Anytime Pass, just on off peak days.

Off peak days are generally all day Monday-Friday during term time (some exclusions apply). And now that we are open later in the evenings from Monday-Thursday, there’s plenty of time to play after school too.

Kidspace Area Manager David Long said: “The Sometimes Pass is available to anyone, but perfect for toddlers and visitors who want to come and burn off some steam after school.”

And it gets even better – £39 not only gets you a child’s pass. It includes 2 named adults. So there’s no having to pay admission for grownups!

Key benefits (all apply on off peak dates only):

  • You get many of the same perks as an Anytime Passholder such as unlimited visits, 15% off parties, 10% off food and drink, and being able to use Kidspace Romford
  • Free adult admission
  • 30 minutes EXCLUSIVE use of Kidspace between 9:30am and 10am Monday-Friday before we open for general admission
  • There are no age restrictions to this pass

To see our off peak calendar CLICK HERE

Green days are off peak days.