It’s official … spring is in the air!

It’s time to start planning all those things that winter puts the brakes on like getting out  more, shedding some of those layers and perhaps even (fingers crossed) picnics in the park.

It’s often a busy time for attending birthday parties and perhaps even organising one for the special little person in your life.

You may have a birthday looming and are thinking of arranging a party but can’t stand the thought of all that preparation … ‘Have we got enough sandwiches?’ ‘What about the cake?’ (Let’s face it we might watch the programmes on TV but we’re not all Nigella!)

Why not just concentrate on taking photos and having fun with the children whilst letting the professionals take care of the rest (and you get to go home to a clean house too)?

Themed parties seem to be ‘the thing’ at the moment – maybe you could come up with something really original and get those creative juices flowing.

Here at Kidspace we never tire of seeing all those Spidermen and princesses. And we have themed packages such as Teddy Bear Workshop (Croydon only), Laser Tag, Go-Kart and Climbing Wall parties. Take your pick!

Whatever you do, have fun!

Laser tag parties

Teddy Bear workshop