Classes & Clubs

Kidspace is many things to many people. Here you will find information about pre-school and after school classes. If you are a school or group then check out our Group Bookings page for our special rates.


How does it work?

All of the classes at Kidspace are either run by one our trained team or in most cases independent companies who specialise in these classes or clubs. Most of the classes require you to sign up to a minimum of a 10 week course which range in cost from £4.50 to £9 a class. However some sessions are actually free as they are included in your admission price!


The Story Frog Phonics

The Story Frog is an original phonics and literacy preschool class which aims to support parents and caregivers in teaching their children early reading and writing skills through play.

Its aim is to develop a love of stories and learning through fun, stimulating and exciting activities which are drawn from the children’s own ideas and interests.

(New from September 11th 2017)

Class schedule:

Monday 1:15pm

Tuesday 10am and 11.15am

Price: £6.50 per child per session drop in or book in advance.
Sibling discount £10 for a child plus a sibling.





Melody Bear

Melody Bear Dance & Movement

Classes follow the Melody Movement® Early Learning Stepping Stones which are centred around a dancing teddy called Melody Bear® and her friend Milligan Bear®. Each week the children follow their adventures through the use of stories, mime and props which are designed to capture the children’s imagination and develop their coordination, spatial awareness, self-expression and creativity working individually, with a partner, or as a group. All pupils are encouraged to bring their own soft toy to class.

Class schedule:



10am – 11:30am

Telephone Charlotte Higgs on 01708 922219